This is me, in words and pictures. I plan to tell you about the people, places, and topics that I care about.

Why do I use “Paraphilosopher” as a title?  I am not trained or educated in philosophy, I have not read (yet) Nietzsche, Kant, or Socrates. I like Emerson, Whitman, Adam Smith and some others, but not in any academic way.  But I tend to have a ‘philosophical’ attitude. Ah, well.

Can you imagine some major incident, with doctors and police and rescue services all milling about doing their brave and valuable things? And they wear those yellow safety vests with “POLICE” or “RESCUE” emblazoned on the back. Mine would read “PARAPHILOSOPHER”. In the same way that paramedics specialize in a subset of a doctor’s skills, I would offer a subset of a philosopher’s knowledge.  At an incident, I would refrain from Marxist dialectic or Hegelian rants; just simply offer comments such as ‘ it could have been worse’, or ‘remember that each dark cloud has a silver lining’. That would be really useful, don’t you think?

That’s me.

That's us sailing off Plymouth 18 years ago
Me & Malcolm

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! I love your blog (you probably know :P), and I have nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award AND the Liebster Award for being as fantisctic as you! If you would like to participate in this, please see my post:


    If you don’t want to participate or if you already have one, just enjoy basking in the glory of the fact that I think your blog is truly awesome 🙂 😀

    • Thanks, I think. Actually, I don’t understand at all. What are these things? Why me? There seems to be a lot of rules for winners and I don’t want to play games. And as I am basically antisocial I don’t think I should care what other peoples thinks. Wouldn’t it be easier if I just shot somebody?

      • Rofl ! It’s just my grand way of expressing the fact that I think you blog really rocks ! It wouldnt do much good unless you shot some one and it actually brought some order to the world … so you mught as well keep your guns in the holster! Just get out sunglasses and bask in the sunshine of these awards 😉

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