Set 3 Goals – Blogging 201 Assignment

This is hard. For me, anyway.  Because setting goals for the future of this blog forces me to examine why I write a blog of any sort at all.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time, one of those increasingly frequent times of introspection when I think morbid thoughts.  So the blog is a testament to my life, a celebration of where I came from and where that lead me to.  Cheaper than a tombstone.

Goal 1: to increase the frequency of postings – I may not have all that much time left to build a monument.

But the main reason for my haphazard posting history is simply because I doubt my ability to impress myself, or anyone else. I don’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity – I have to maintain astounding erudition. So I need to spread my net wider as it were – consider my past adventures in greater detail, envisage my ambitions in greater scope, and document my thoughts in more effective ways.

Goal 2: learn to use my new camera, and organise my images.

Morbid and vainglorious thoughts – going out in style.  At times I dream of sailing to parts of the world that are new to me, to boldly go where nobody I know has gone before. And eventually to face a last really scary storm, or just fade out on a warm and pleasant wind. Maybe I could rig some sort of time-switch that need to be reset regularly; come the day that I fail to do so is the day of my Viking funeral.  Practical thoughts intrude – what if I’m just very tired and oversleep the reset? Or I could wear a really heavy gold earring as sailors used to do – to pay for a proper burial.

And then I think about ending my days in the land that I love, my childhood home: Canada. Maybe I could find a cabin in some untouched forest, near a lake, watching the resident wildlife and the changing seasons. Being the local hermit or the old witch of the woods …  Until one day I really have gone back to Nature.

Goal 3: make some postings about plans, then make later postings about how the plans worked out. If possible.


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